b800 Subwoofer

Bild von einem b800 Subwoofer
Technical Data:

35 cm x 80 cm x 25 cm (Other dimensions possible)

Frequency Response: In a typical room down to below 20 Hz

Maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level): 103 dB at 1-meter distance

Recommended Power Amplifiers a500

The beckersounds b800 subwoofer is made up of an excellent 12-inch speaker chassis from the manufacturer Scan Speak. We've extensively measured various chassis in the past and never let go of the sound. In our opinion, this speaker is ideal for a subwoofer of this size. It requires minimal enclosure volume and is content with little power from the power amplifier. Therefore, the b800 is well-suited for implementing different placement options or arrays.

As a home theater typically involves an entire subwoofer system, including multiple individual subwoofers, a Signal Processor, external power amplifiers, and the appropriate cabling, we offer the b800 in a package tailored specifically for you. Feel free to contact our distribution partner, Die Zwei – Heimkino GmbH !

Please consider the image of the b800 as one possible example.

As standard, the b800 is constructed from MDF and coated with a black textured lacquer finish. Like all beckersounds products, the b800 is produced by us in Germany and is thus entirely customizable. Whatever your wish may be, we will fulfill it!