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stefan becker

beckersounds is a company with years of experience in the audio and video industry. The head of beckersounds is the owner and founder, Stefan Becker, who has been involved with speakers for as long as he can remember. Over 30 years ago, he embarked on a technical education journey. It's no surprise that his passion led to the creation of some remarkable products.

For example, the legendary b300 speaker and the multi-channel amplifier a250 are some of the products born from his passion. His expertise isn't limited to just the development of speakers and electronics; it also encompasses room acoustics. As demand for his products and expertise grew significantly, Stefan Becker decided to establish the beckersounds company, and since then, he has been successfully working in this field to fulfill his customers' dreams of having their own home theaters.

In October 2019, a significant milestone was reached in the company's history. The beckersounds company became a GmbH, with Stefan Becker serving as the Managing Director.

beckersounds takes great pride in having the opportunity to receive custom-tailored chassis from the manufacturer, using OEM chassis since then. MKII versions have been available for the entire range of speakers since March 2021.

In mid-2023, beckersounds made the decision to focus exclusively on being a manufacturer of speakers, including their electronics, and handed over the other part of their business to the long-term partner, Die Zwei – Heimkino GmbH. beckersounds' products, services, and selected manufacturers' products have been available at Die Zwei – Heimkino GmbH since then. Die Zwei continues to plan and build luxurious home theaters, expanding its portfolio accordingly.