b250 MKII Surroundspeaker

Bild von dem Surroundlautsprecher b250
Technical Data:

30 cm x 65 cm x 17 cm

Acoustical axis: 36 cm from bottom

Weight: 13 kg

Frequency Response: 80 Hz to 20 kHz

Maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level): 114 dB at 1-meter distance

Horizontal directivity: 80 degree at -3 dB

Vertical directivity: 60 degree at -3 dB

Recommended Power Amplifiers a200, a250

Frequenzgang des Surroundlautsprechers 250
Abstrahlverhalten von dem Surroundlautsprecher b250

An increasing number of customers have expressed their desire for a home theater speaker in the surround area that is smaller than the b300 but retains the advantages of the b300 . We took this as an opportunity to develop the b250. The development goal was the same, but it should be smaller and provide a slightly wider dispersion, which can be advantageous in the surround area. The b250 can also be used as a front speaker in smaller home theaters where space does not permit the use of the b300 . A fantastic combination for medium-sized home theaters is the b300 in the front, the b250 in the surround area, and the b200 as a ceiling speaker.

The b250 is designed as a surround speaker and pairs well with the b500 or b300 in the front area and the b200 in the ceiling area. A potent subwoofer system is also required with the b250. The beckersounds b800, b900 and b1000 subwoofers serve as suitable foundation options.

As with all our speakers, operating the b250 necessitates a Signal Processor, an external power amplifier, and the appropriate cabling. Therefore, we offer the b250 in a package tailored specifically for you. Feel free to contact our distribution partner, Die Zwei – Heimkino GmbH !

As standard, the b250 is constructed from MDF and coated with a black textured lacquer finish. Like all beckersounds products, the b250 is produced by us in Germany and is thus entirely customizable. Whatever your wish may be, we will fulfill it!